Welcome to Pike County, KY

feud_sitesCome and see the sites of the legendary Hatfield-McCoy Feud, located in beautiful Pike County, Kentucky. Each site features a marker telling tragic stories from the feud, serving as a reminder of past mistakes and the price of a grudge. When it comes to fun, recreation and scenic locales, Pike County rivals the finest vacation destinations anywhere. The landscape is surrounded by towering mountains with lush foliage and vegetation that provide spectacular views throughout the year. Enjoy a day out on the water, or an evening at the Artists Collaborative Theatre. Plan your Pike County getaway today, “Where Beauty Abides & Hospitality Flows!”



 Donate to Randolph McCoy Monument

Monument DonateHelp us reach our goal! The Randolph McCoy Monument is estimated to cost around $120,000, and while this may seem like a lofty goal, we believe it is achievable. We can only make this happen with your help. Feel free to donate whatever you wish, all proceeds will be used to fund the this monument.