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831 Hambley Blvd. Pikeville, KY
History & Culture
(800) 844-7453
831 Hambley Blvd. Pikeville, KY

There is a wealth of history to be discovered in Pike County, Kentucky. Pike County is one of America’s most historic places, being the homeplace of the world’s most famous feud, the Hatfields and the McCoys. Pike County also features historic locales such as Stone, KY, where Henry Ford operated a coal mining empire, as well as Shelby & Elkhorn City, KY, which is rich in railroad history.

Hatfield McCoy Tours

Hatfields and McCoys Feud Tour

Photo (above) courtesy of Larry Epling America's Most Famous Feud The families of the Hatfields and McCoys feud leaders were ... Read More
Big Sandy Heritage Center

Big Sandy Heritage Museum

Not Just Our History, but American History There is a wealth of history to be discovered at the Big Sandy ... Read More
Stone Heritage Museum

Stone Heritage Museum

Appalachia and the Industrial Age Nestled in the Pike County mountains, the Sidney-Stone area is full of rich history and ... Read More
Pauley Bridge

Pauley Bridge

Photo (above) courtesy of Kelly Messer of scrapbookingbykellymesser.blogspot.com A View from the Bridge The beautiful Pauley Bridge is a classic ... Read More
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Snivley Chapel

Snivley Chapel

Commune with History Pike County Kentucky has a long and rich history that spans into the very foundation of American ... Read More
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Veterans Hall of Honor

Veteran’s Hall of Honor and Heritage Hall

Honoring Our Veterans Upon entering office, Judge Rutherford and his staff began to look for a better way to pay ... Read More
Dils Cemetery

Historic Dils Cemetery

The Resting Place of the McCoy Clan While by its nature a somber place to visit, the Dils Cemetery is ... Read More
Loretta Lynn's Butcher Holler

Tour Butcher Holler: Loretta Lynn’s Home Place

The roots of many of Country Music’s biggest stars can be found all along Country Music Highway US 23. But ... Read More
Rustic Roots

Rustic Roots on Second

Rustic Roots on Second is a wonderland of Appalachian artistry. Want something truly unique and hand-crafted from our community? This ... Read More


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