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  • Have an event scheduled in Pike County, Kentucky and need to get the word out? Pike County Tourism CVB can promote your event to our over 100,000 visitors that visit our website each year, for FREE! The only catch is, the event must be something that the out-of-towner would logically want to attend. If you want us to include your event in our promotions, fill out the form below. If we decide it is an event that tourist would enjoy, we'll include it in our events calendar.
  • Please choose the beginning and ending dates for your events. The starting and ending times for each day need to be included in the details you are submitting below. This portion only requires the dates. If the event occurs on multiple, non-consecutive days a year, please do a separate submission for each date if the theme or details of the event vary. If each event is identical in theme and details, you may instead choose to submit a single event but include each date the event occurs in the details you submit below.