Fine Dining in Pikeville/Pike County Kentucky

When visiting Pike County, we will spoil you with a variety of delicious dining options. With a variety of selections as diverse as your taste preference, Pike County’s restaurants are sure to give you a remarkably delectable dining experience. From hot dogs to hibachi, Pike County features top quality American, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican and Italian cuisine that will leave your mouth watering.

When it comes to fine dining in Pike County, several places come to mind. The Top of the Inn Restaurant, located on the top floor of The Landmark Inn off of South Mayo Trail features a lavish assortment of dinner options, as well as a buffet and salad bar. The Top of The Inn also features music and an enchanting skyline atmosphere that will make for a memorable dining experience.  For a dinner show that will amaze both you and your appetite, make reservations at the Peking Hibachi, located at Weddington Square on the North Mayo Trail. With highly trained cooks and top quality ingredients, Peking Hibachi brings all of the charm and taste you would expect from a Japanese hibachi steakhouse.

Peking Japanese GrillAnd there are several more Peking restaurants throughout Pikeville, such as the Peking Express off of South Mayo Trail that features a freshly prepared Chinese buffet. If you would like to try one of Kentucky’s “101 Must Places to Eat”, take a trip to Mona’s Creative Catering off of Town Mountain Rd. Mona’s exquisite menu features a variety of pasta dishes, soups, sandwiches and features specials that have garnered fame throughout the region. Quite possibly the most appealing aspect of Mona’s is the sweets. With a large assortment of cakes and candies, you’ll find yourself throwing caution to the wind when ordering dessert. For an authentic experience straight out of Italy, visit Chirico’s Restaurant on Main Street. Chirico’s features uniquely delicious Italian dishes that have been passed down through the Chirico family from generation to generation. Their carefully crafted entrees have a distinct flavor that will keep you coming back for more. Try their calzones; they’re the best you’ll find anywhere. Speaking of a unique treat, the newly reestablished Backroads Family Grill and Tavern, off of Town Mountain Road, is a wonderful place to gather with friends for a savory meal and a drink packed with flavor. Their menu features dishes that will have you wanting to sample everything. If you’re looking for a fine dining experience that’s a little on the wild side, try Reno’s Roadhouse. Reno’s steaks are a hometown favorite, with top quality meats and hearty sides that are “melt in your mouth” good. Reno’s also offers a variety of tasty seafood, and appetizers that are a satisfying meal in their own right.

If you’re a fan of great Mexican food, Pike County has you covered. Visit local favorites such as El Azul Grande, which features their famous polo bandito, or El Poncho, known for their flavorful drinks and zesty dishes. La Fiesta Mexicana is another local favorite that offers a unique style of traditional Mexican cuisine that you have to taste to believe. All three reasonably priced menus feature free chips and salsa, and generously portioned entrees.

Pig in a Poke has introduced succulent barbecue to Pike County, with a hometown flavor that has kept its dining room packed each week. With a delightfully simple menu, Pig in a Poke focuses on what it does best: entertaining your taste buds with delicious barbecue flavor. Try their pulled pork sandwich and ribs.  You’ll thank us later.

If you’re hankering for a good ole American dining experience, with hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza and every delicious thing in between, take a tour of our local diners. Located near the beautiful Russell Fork River in Elkhorn City, the Rusty Fork Café features all the character and flavor that you’d desire in a hometown dining experience. Expect warm country food and hospitality that will bring you back again and again. Speaking of bringing you back, cruise down to Happy Days Diner off of South Mayo Trail for a juicy cheeseburger and crispy fries. Happy Days serves up such a wonderful variety of classic American dishes that it is difficult to suggest just one thing. You’ll not only love the service, but you’re bound to make a few friends too. If you’re looking for some tasty ice cream with your burger, take a trip over to one of Pike County’s most beloved restaurants, Dorsie’s Dairy Bar. But be forewarned, if you plan on eating at Dorsie’s during the lunch hour, you may want to get there early. Dorsie’s is a lunch hot spot that attracts patrons from all over the county. If you can’t decide between a good hoagie sandwich and some delicious pizza, then why not have them both? Try Five Star Pizza, located on Second Street. Five Star Pizza’s gooey cheese and top quality toppings makes for a pizza that truly brings credence to the restaurant’s name. Their hoagies, sandwiches and cheese sticks are nothing shy of addicting. Be sure to stop by and tell them Pike County Tourism sent you.

Let’s not forget the treats. Many of the restaurants already mentioned have wonderfully delicious candies and desserts, but no list would be complete without Sherry’s Candy Kitchen, located on Division Street. Sherry’s features homemade candies that rival the best candy shops around. Featuring a reasonably priced menu that is loaded with incredible sandwiches and daily specials that reminds you of your grandma’s home cooking, Sherry’s will quickly become one of your must-have favorites. Good luck making your candy selection.

Of course Pike County features all your favorite restaurant chains, such as: McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Steak ‘n Shake, Arby’s, Quiznos, Subway, Bob Evans, KFC, Dairy Cheer, Texas Roadhouse, Giovanni’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, Dominos, Papa John’s Pizza, Gatti’s Pizza, Applebee’s, A&W/Long John’s, Captain D’s, Dairy Queen and more.

If you would like to suggest a local favorite that we may have missed in this article, send your suggestions to

There’s such a large variety of great places to dine that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. So take a dining tour around Pike County and tell us about some of your personal favorites.


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