Hatfield and McCoy Service @ the Randall McCoy Well

A special service will be held at Randall McCoy Well Sunday September 24th, 2017 in Hardy Kentucky.

Hatfield and McCoy descendants will gather together at the Randall McCoy Well.

New Year’s night, 1888, The Hatfield’s raided Randall McCoy’s cabin to execute the witnesses. Throughout the two-hour raid, Randall McCoy’s son and daughter were both killed. Randall’s wife was beaten near death, and the cabin burnt to the ground.

After this incident, Roseanna died, some say of a broken heart. Randall and Sarah McCoy moved to Pikeville to flee the Hatfield’s. Devil Anse converted to Christianity and was baptized. They passed away one by one.

In 2000, the first Hatfield and McCoy reunion was held and brought together these once feuding families. June 14, 2003 marked the official end to the feud.

Hatfield descendent, Bob Scott will open the service and then McCoy. descendent Ron McCoy will speak. Billy Hatfield, Devil Anse Hatfield’s great grandson, will be leading the service.

Jason Goble and Troy Burchett will be performing live gospel music.

This special service is held to show the unity between the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s. Two families, once feuding, are brought together by heritage.