A Look Back: Nat Geo Diggers Return to Hatfield & McCoy Feud Sites

Below is an article we posted back in July, 2015. Years later, we take a look back at Nat Geo’s visit to our Hatfield McCoy historic sites.

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National Geographic’s Diggers have retuned to the feud sites of the Hatfields and McCoys for another exciting archaeological dig. Diggers new season begins July 20, 2015 at 10 p.m. ET, with “The Real McCoy” episode airing Aug. 10 at 9:30 p.m. on the National Geographic Channel.

The Hatfield & McCoy feud, which took place in Pike County, Kentucky, and across the Tug River into Mingo County, West Virginia, is the world’s most famous feud. Having captured the fascination of the world since the first shot was fired more than 100 years ago, the feuding Hatfields & McCoys have been studied by researchers, historians and family descendants alike, all seeking the story behind the struggle. With the advent of the History Channel’s miniseries Hatfields & McCoys, featuring Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton, interest in the feud has ballooned to an all time high.

National Geographic’s Diggers first visited the Hatfield & McCoy feud sites in 2013, discovering bullets that were fired in infamous New Years Eve attack. These findings brought the feud out of legend and into reality in a way that further intrigued the nation. Feeling that more could be discovered, National Geographic’s Diggers have returned to the historic feud sites, and what they have discovered this time is truly unbelievable.

“In my opinion, these findings are some of our country’s most incredible historical artifacts,” said Tony K. Tackett, executive director of Pike County Tourism CVB. “Very rarely does one come across items like these, drawn straight from American Legend.”

“During the first Diggers visit, I told “Ringy” Saylor and George “KG” Wyant that they would soon return to the Randall McCoy home site,” said Bob Scott, owner of the McCoy property, and Pike County Tourism CVB board member. “Well after two years they have returned.”

Over the past several years, thousands of people, including individuals from 26 foreign countries, have visited the Randall McCoy home site. After the showing of the new Diggers episode, property owners Bob and Rita Scott expect the airing to generate additional enthusiasm. “Preserving the history and the heritage of the Hatfields and McCoys is important to the future of the tourism industry in Eastern Kentucky and Southern West Virginia,” said Scott. “It’s a window of our past and a doorway to our future.”

In 2003, feud descendant Reo Hatfield authored a truce, which he signed, along with descendants Bo and Ron McCoy, to officially end the feud between the two families, an event that was witnessed by the world on CBS’s Early Show.

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