Hatfield McCoy Heritage Days Homecoming 2018

Come experience the Hatfield McCoy Heritage Days Homecoming with us this fall from Sept. 21-23!  The schedule of events follow as such:


Main Street Live! – 7 p.m. Live music featuring some of Eastern Kentucky’s greatest talent, free admission. Featuring music by Bek and Jason Goble.


Pikeville Farmer’s Market – 9 a.m. — 2 p.m. For craft vendor space and non-political information booths only, call Bridget Michelle Tackett at (606) 794-3033. There are no more food vendor spaces available.

Music will begin at 9:30 a.m., and will last until 2 p.m., featuring Jason Goble, Jessie Rachelle, and Troy Burchett.

Hog Trial Shootout Motorcycle Ride – Noon Registration 10 a.m. • $15 Solo, $20 rider & passenger. • Begins at Harley Davidson Mineshaft, tour goes through feud sites, ending at Dueling Barrels Distillery of Pikeville, for tastings (4:00 p.m.).

Hatfield McCoy Blood Song theater play – 3 p.m. Historic Pike County Courthouse on Main Street, admission $10 cash at the door. Featuring Hatfield-McCoy descendants telling their story.


Hatfield & McCoy Feud Arm Wrestling Tournament

Blood Feud Hatfield and McCoy Ghost Walk – The Blood Feud Hatfield and McCoy Ghost Walk will be held September 22 in Pikeville, Kentucky, during Hatfield McCoy Heritage Days 2018. Discover the story behind the infamous Hatfield-McCoy Feud, and tour key locations in Pikeville, KY that are significant to this blood feud. The tour guide will be exploring spooky and weird occurrences that happen in Feud Country, even to this day.

Blood Feud Hatfield and McCoy Ghost Walk


The Tour de Feud Cycling Rally – Noon, Hardy, KY.  Click here for more information.

Hatfield & McCoy Feud Memorial Service – McCoy Homeplace and Well Site at Hardy for church service – 10 a.m. Church service conducted by William Hatfield, Ron McCoy, and Reo Hatfield.

Preacher Anderson Hatfield Birthday Celebration – Music and celebration, scheduled for Sunday, Sept 23rd,  1:00 p.m. at the Historic Hog Trial Cabin at the junction of Route 319 and Route 1056. Live music by Jason Goble and Troy Burchett at 1 p.m. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own lawn chair and picnic lunch.

Ruff, Tuff Race Series

The Ruff Tuff Race Series Registration is now OPEN!! 3 days, 3 different events, 3 medals, 2 finisher’s shirt (1 for completing The CUSS & 1 for completing all 3 events), a ton of fun, laughs, great/priceless photos and experiences. Come join your friends and family in this Annual event.

The Whole Series will be $75

September 21st @ 7pm THE BULLET ($25)
September 22nd @ 8am THE CUSS ($40)
September 23rd @ 7am THE (Son of a) GUN Half Marathon ($40)

All monies raised are put back into the event so the more people registering the BIGGER this can be!

Click here to learn more.


Download Full Schedule

Hatfield McCoy Heritage Days Full Schedule

Jenny Wiley Theatre Presents: Blood Song

Jenny Wiley Theatre Presents Blood Song: the Story of the Hatfields and the McCoys, for a special presentation September 7 and 8, 2018 at the Jenny Wiley Theatre in Pikeville, Kentucky. Show begins 7:30 p.m.

Click here to reserve tickets.

About Blood Song

Come witness Kentucky’s OFFICIAL state play for “The Feud” during a special two-day performance series, appearing for the first time on the historic Jenny Wiley Amphitheater stage at Jenny Wiley State Resort Park!

Blood Song: The Story of the Hatfields and the McCoys is a historically accurate play written by Chelsea Marcantel-Polaskiis, and it’s back for its 6th season of production!

Come be amazed by our local talent, many of whom are direct descendants of the original Hatfield and McCoys families. Watch us tell OUR story with OUR voices beneath the setting sun.

Can’t catch the shows at JWT? Blood Song performances run through the entire month of August in McCarr, KY on the banks of the mighty Tug River. Check out the event page at Blood Song: The Story of the Hatfields & the McCoys, 2018 Season for details.

Produced in association with Hatfield & McCoy Arts Council, Inc. and UK Extension – Pike County Fine Arts.

Blood Song Gallery