Pikeville Farmer’s Market Twilight Market

Pikeville Farmer’s Market will be hosting several Twilight Markets throughout 2019. Each event will be featuring arts, crafts and food vendors (including baked goods). Located at 130 Adams Lane near Pikeville High School at the green roofed pavilion. For a complete schedule of the Pikeville Farmer’s Market Twilight Markets, see below.

Twilight Markets Schedule

July 13 – Christmas in July

August 10th – National Farmers Market Week Market

October 12th – Fall Harvest

Vendors Needed

If you would like to be a vendor for the Pikeville Farmer’s Market Twilight Market, visit their facebook page here.

Coal Run Night Market

The Coal Run Night Market will be held on four dates, June through October (skipping July), 2018, featuring arts and crafts vendors offering locally handmade items such as jewelry, clothing, framed artwork and so much more! Great food from local vendors will also be available at each event, along with live music and entertainment.

The Coal Run Night Market 2018 Schedule

June 8th
August 3rd
September 7th
October 26th

All events take place from 6 pm to 10 pm

How The Coal Run Night Market Began

The Coal Run Night Market was founded in 2017, and was established by the City of Coal Run government after being voted on and approved by the Mayor and the City Commissioners. The market began as a marketplace for vendors, giving the smallest of small businesses an opportunity to showcase their wares to the community and visitors. The event includes artists, painters, singers and musicians, and serves as an outlet for regional talent.