6 Unusual Things You’ll See at Hillbilly Days (And Enjoy)

This Hillbilly Days article is from 2014’s event. For Hillbilly Days 2016 information, click here.


Let’s be honest folks, there’s nothing in the world like Pikeville/Pike County Kentucky’s Hillbilly Days. It is a strange combination of gaudy fun, family-friendly atmosphere, music and well, who knows what else? Every year, there’s something at Hillbilly Days that makes you do a double take and say “Did I just see that?” And while it is impossible to say what you will see at Hillbilly Days 2014, we here at Pike County Tourism CVB thought it’d be neat to show you some unusual things that Hillbillies have come to expect. Continue reading “6 Unusual Things You’ll See at Hillbilly Days (And Enjoy)”

Historic Train Excursion (Grundy Va. to Devon Wv.): Photoblog

Photos courtesy of Rob Bolson

For the first time since 1958, a passenger train excursion made its way through Pike County, KY, going from Grundy Va. to Devon Wv. The excursion is part of Norfolk Southern’s “21st Century Steam Program” and was operated by the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Departing from Grundy, Virgina, this passenger train excursion traveled through the rugged and beautiful backwoods of Appalachia. Powered by a former Southern Railway 630 steam locomotive with diesel assistance, this historic train excursion proved to be a great success, with more than 3900 tickets sold. We at Pike County Tourism CVB wanted to share with you some of the memories our train excursion ride patrons captured in photograph. Rob Bolson was nice enough to share with us some of his photos from the train excursion, take a look.

Rob Bolson Train Excursion Gallery