“Bad” Frank Phillips is at it Again

A newspaper clipping from the Logan County Banner, marked Wednesday, September 11, 1895 was discovered recently. The story features more of feud personality “Bad” Frank Phillips’ escapades. We have transcribed the article to the best of our ability below. We appreciate Brandon Ray Kirk for discovering this interesting article.

Frank Phillips Again
This evening Frank Phillips and John Wright, Jr., who is staying with him, killed Barney Artrip. They had been on Knox drinking, and coming up to the mouth of the lane just below Daniel B. Coleman’s on the State line between Buchanan county, Va., and Pike County, Ky. Phillips and Wright commenced shooting at Artip. He was worse shot that I ever saw any man in my life; there were nine balls in his flesh; three bullets which had just lodged against the skin were taken out as he was prepared for burial. Phillips is shot through the thigh, but it is thought that he was shot by Wright or that he shot himself. Both of them shot Artrip as long as they could see him move. Artrip was very drunk, and it is thought that they got him drunk for the purpose, and killed him on the State line in order to baffle the law. Harve Coleman shot a man by the name of Blankenship, on Knox, through the arm. It is thought that jealousy was the cause of Blankenship being shot. PIKE.

Bad Frank Phillips Gallery

Pike County Feud Sites

  • Roseanna’s Baby’s Gravesite/Aunt Betty’s House:
    N 37 37.801 W 082 13.234
  • Randolph McCoy Home Place (Hardy, KY):
    N 37 36.188 W 082 12.925
  • “Preacher Anse” Hatfield Hog Trial Cabin: N 37 34.810 W 082 10.796
  • Hatfield Cemetery (Wash Stand):
    N 37 34.923 W 082 10.834
  • Asa Harmon McCoy Historic Marker:
    N 37 33.454 W 082 11.505
  • Hatfield McCoy Monument (Blackberry):
    N 37 33.433 W 082 11.804
  • Paw Paw Tree Incident: N 37 37.106 W 082 09.912
  • “Bad” Frank & Nancy McCoy Phillips Gravesite: N 37 29.540 W 082 09.249


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