Hatfields and McCoys Feud Tour

Photo (above) courtesy of Larry Epling

America’s Most Famous Feud
The families of the Hatfields and McCoys feud leaders were of strong stock and from them have come leaders of many professions – business, education, medicine, governors, senators, lawyers etc. The clans, both Hatfield and McCoy, were honest, hard-working and proud. They came into the wilderness of Kentucky and Virginia (now West Virginia) and patented thousands of acres of land.

The McCoys generally hail from the Kentucky side of the Tug River and the Hatfields from the West Virginia side. However, even during the famous feud, both families shared space on either side of the Tug.

Often many would call their kin who would marry into the other family “traitors” or “turncoats”. Once a member of the McCoy family married into the Hatfield family, they were said to be “Hatfield” and no longer “McCoy”. Clan pride and family loyalty was strong, no doubt left over from their days in the homelands of Ireland and Scotland.

The Hatfield & McCoy Driving Tour
Thousands of people from all around the world have visited Pike County, Kentucky to immerse themselves into some of America’s richest historical locales. Pike County is home to most of the significant Hatfield and McCoy feud sites, and as a result of the recent spike in the feud’s popularity, Pikeville/Pike County offers a self-guided tour of these interesting historic locales.

The Hatfield and McCoy Driving Tour is a self-guided tour that includes all historic sites, both in Kentucky and West Virginia, of the feud. Visitors are provided a Hatfield and McCoy Driving Tour brochure for free, which features step-by-step instructions for finding each feud site that is open to the public. An optional Hatfield and McCoy Driving Tour CD is available for purchase below. Both items can be found in our visitors’ center store, located in the Hampton Inn on 831 Hambley Blvd, Pikeville. The audio CD serves as a tour guide for the feud sites, and offers professional voice talent and music, which spices up the already wonderful tour.

Pikeville Feud Sites GPS Coordinates

  • Dils Cemetery Gazebo: N 37 28.679 W 082 30.901
  • Old Courthouse: N 37 28.757 W 082 31.033
  • Ellison “Cottontop” Mounts Historical Marker (UPIKE): N 37 28.773 W 082 31.302
  • Old Mccoy House (Chirico’s): N 37 28.924 W 082 30.940
  • Perry Cline Gravesite: N 37 28.986 W 082 31.657

Pike County Feud Sites GPS Coordinates

  • Roseanna’s Baby’s Gravesite/Aunt Betty’s House: N 37 37.801 W 082 13.234
  • Randolph McCoy Home Place (Hardy, KY): N 37 36.188 W 082 12.925
  • “Preacher Anse” Hatfield Hog Trial Cabin: N 37 34.810 W 082 10.796
  • Hatfield Cemetery (Wash Stand): N 37 34.923 W 082 10.834
  • Asa Harmon McCoy Historic Marker: N 37 33.454 W 082 11.505
  • Hatfield McCoy Monument (Blackberry): N 37 33.433 W 082 11.804
  • Paw Paw Tree Incident: N 37 37.106 W 082 09.912
  • “Bad” Frank & Nancy McCoy Phillips Gravesite: N 37 29.540 W 082 09.249

Hatfields and McCoys Feud Gallery

Hatfields and McCoys in the Media

Where to Find Pike County Tourism CVB

831 Hambley Blvd.
Pikeville, KY 41501
Phone: (800) 844-7453
Email: director@tourpikecounty.com
Tourism Director: Tony Tackett

32 Replies to “Hatfields and McCoys Feud Tour”

  1. I’m a Geographer at the University of Macerata (Italy) writing a paper on the Hatfield and McCoy feud inducted tourism. It will be published on a scholars’ review. Could you please let me know how many visitors do you have, each year in your tours? Average per month? Do you know how many people use the App and the self tour CD

  2. Hello Linda,

    We offer a self-guided tour, which is free. We provide a brochure with information on how to get from one feud site to another. We offer a driving tour CD, which is $20, but this is optional. It is a great way to add narration and music to your tour.

  3. What is the name of the folks who live at the McCoy homesite in Hardy Ky . I think the last name is Warren , I bought a booklet from them and would like to get another but I lost the name & address & phone number

  4. We have had motor coaches on the tour. All roads are paved, two-lane roads. There can be tight curves from time to time but we have not had any problems as of yet.

  5. Due to the amount of visitors I would say that you could probably walk to the downtown Pikeville sites, but not drive.

  6. Yes. The sites featured in our brochure are all free and are open to the public. You get out and explore each site.

  7. Hello Katie. The Driving Tour CD and Brochure can be found in our Visitors Information Center, located in the bottom floor of the Hampton Inn of Pikeville. If you stop by after hours, the CD and brochure are available at the Hampton Inn front desk. Thank you!

  8. To: Whom ever it concerns

    My name is Martha Bragg I am in charge of the Metcalfe Relay For Life we are looking for donations for our after dark egg hunt that we are going to have April 7th.

    We would appreciate if you could donate a prize for the hunt.

    Thank you,

    Martha Bragg

  9. Hello, I’m Sarah,
    Once I found out my ancestors are both Hatfield and McCoy I instantly started to do more research. My fiance and I are getting married in September 2018 and were sooo excited to be coming to see some of the sites(it’s a pre wedding vacation)! Are there any walk thru tours or self tours? Is love to just walk thru and experience it.

  10. Certainly! Above you will see our information on our Hatfield McCoy Historic Driving Tour. Each site (other than museums) are free, and open to the community during daylight hours. The CD, which is optional, provides an audio tour guide. The brochure offers step-by-step driving directions to each site.

  11. Plan on coming down middle of Oct. on geneolgy trip. My grandmother was a Hatfield and I want to dig further. Where would be the best place to do the research?

  12. Our Pike County Courthouse is a great place. They have a lot of records there pertaining to Hatfields and McCoys. Another option is our Pikeville Library.

  13. Could you please send me information and cost for the guided tour for the McCoy Hatfield tour sites. Thank You.

  14. Could you please let me know price of everything to do on Hatfield & McCoy tour and all historical

  15. All sites are open to the public for free except for group travelers (those on buses or motor coaches). The Museum has a small entrance fee, I believe $5/person.

  16. I’ve honestly never tried that. It would still take an hour and a half if you are speaking of visiting everything, from Pikeville to Devil Anse Hatfield’s gravesite.

  17. I just recently toured the Hatfield / McCoy sites, in Kentucky and West Virginia. Kentucky does a great job promoting this history. West Virginia should do more. Great job by the Pikeville Visitors and Convention Center. This makes a real nice weekend vacation for anybody interested in the Hatfield / McCoy Feud.

    Bill Kibble

  18. Depends on how much of the tour you wish to experience. You can do a condensed version of the tour in Pikeville City which doesn’t last more than an hour. Or you could do all of the feud sites, in Pikeville, Hardy, Blackberry and into Matewan, WV. This can talk all day. Stop by our Visitors Center (831 Hambley Blvd, Pikeville) while you’re here, we can help you plan your tour.

  19. How do I find out that I’m a decent of the McCoy’s. My father was John Arnold McCoy, Sr. Born in April, 1916. He said we was. His sisters was Dorothy and Betty.

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