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  1. This is also not Aunt Betty’s though some people have claimed it since 1976 or so. The real Aunt Betty was Betty Blankenship McCoy, wife of Sally McCoy’s brother Allen McCoy.

  2. Sorry Ryan your wrong, Betty Blankenship was known as “Allens Betty” your getting your information from Tom who say he got his information from Leanord Roberts who said he found a Posty note saying it. Uriah and “Aunt Betty” was my gg Grandperants and I can attest to that. There was only one “Aunt Betty” and that was Elizibeth Rutherford McCoy the wife of Uriah McCoy and my great great grandmother. Sad how everyone wants to change history to suit them and their desires. I don’t know who Ryan’s gg grandmother was but I certainly know mine and Pike County Tourism got it right.

  3. All i know is it is all cool history and you should be proud to be part of the Family . I know if i lived beck them and either side did that to my Family i would be famous right now to . Just saying ….

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