Pikeville’s Live Escape Game

Epic Escape Game is a fun interactive adventure game designed for everyone. The concept is simple: Players will be locked in a room where they have 60 minutes to find clues, unlock puzzles and “escape” the room before their time is up.

Epic Escape Game is a challenging new problem solving activity and enthralling alternative to standard board and video games. Each of our lives action escape challenges features a different imaginative theme and unique puzzle set to experience.

The Feud – Escape the Hatfield & McCoy Feud

It’s 1888 and you and a group of pioneers are heading west to start a new beginning. Its late and your group decides to stop for the night in an old cabin along the Tug river. There is shouting and gunfire outside. You realize you are right in the middle of the Hatfield & McCoy’s blood feud. The cabin appears to have been inhabited by both of the warring families at one point. With the Hatfields on one side and the McCoys on the other. They are threating to burn down the cabin in 1 hour. They will grant you safe passage only if you produce a family heir loom for each family.


Buried Alive – The Curse of Octavia

Octavia’s spirit roams the halls of this mansion cursing the residents of Pikeville. Those who enter the mansion will be cursed and shall suffer the same fate as Octavia by being buried alive. You and your team are paranormal investigators and were hired to enter the mansion to encounter Octavia and reverse the curse. You have only 1 hour to reverse the curse or suffer the fate of being buried alive.


The Deep – Dive Into the Deep & Save the Planet

A massive shift in the planet’s tectonic plates has created a tear in the Mariana’s Trench; the deepest part of the ocean. The tear is allowing ocean water to cool the earth’s core. Once the core is cooled, our planet will cease to rotate prohibiting life to exist as we know it. You and your team must dive 7 ½ miles to Mariana’s Trench and detonate a nuclear warhead to seal the tear. You have only 1 hour to complete the mission and save our planet.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Moderate to Challenging



Where to Find Pikeville’s Epic         Escape Game

225 2nd St., Suite 1
Pikeville, KY 41501
Phone: (606) 766-4040



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